What Are The Common Accident Causing Truck Defects?

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Truck accidents are quite common in the United States. Trucks play a vital role in economy transporting goods from one state to the other. Aside from negligence or driver error, another common culprit in truck accidents are product defects. In these kinds of accidents, the liable party is the manufacturer as they failed in showing reasonable care. According to the website of LaMarca Law Group P.C., truck accidents can have devastating consequences.

Defective truck components can put at risk not only the driver but also the other driver and their passengers. When this happens, the driver can lodge a product liability case against the manufacturer and other parties. Truck accidents from defective products may include the following:

Tire Blowout

Delivering goods and services almost every day can take its toll on the tires. When the tire blows out, the driver can lose control of the steering wheel and start to become wobbly and crash. It may collect other vehicles and the unfortunate pedestrian. The end result is most of the time fatal.

Fuel Systems

Defective or damaged fuel system can result to burns and other injuries. There are also defects that are not burn-causing but still they can result to injuries.

Safety or Crash Bar

Also called underride guard, safety bars are attached to the rear end of a trailer in order to prevent a passenger vehicle from going underneath the back of the trailer in case of a collision. Recent tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety revealed the ineffectiveness of federally regulated underride guards. To prevent serious accidents from happening, the NHTSA requires manufacturers to raise the standards of their underguards.

Trucks often share the road with other vehicles. It is therefore important for trucks to be regularly maintained and checked to ensure its road worthiness.

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