Dangerous Consumer Products

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In the past year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC remembered over 17 million products meant for kids. Items like strollers, cribs, toys, playsets, and even clothes items were pulled out from the marketplace for security problems that were various. Thanks to blunders committed by producers for failing to meet mandated safety methods and regulations, these products had to be recalled and stopped to avoid possible injuries that may occur due to any number of flaws.

There actually is cause for concern when manufacturing companies and government -imposed safety nets neglect to notice defective products for children. Take the case of Daniel Keysar, a 16-month old that had passed away in an accident including a collapsed crib. In the year 1998, infant Danny was inside a Playskool Travel-Lite crib that had already been recalled 5 years past but continued on customer shelves long after. Lots of additional babies had fallen victim to injuries that were related, pushing the government to enforce ordinances and stricter security policies for both producers and providers to follow.

Nevertheless, despite more rigorous laws, it can not be discounted that loads of defective products make it to the market every year. According to the website of Fort Worth personal injury lawyer at The Benton Law Firm, these items continue to pose dangers to kids, leaving them at risk of serious injuries including choking and suffocation. As such, it is essential for parents to maintain their guards and be prepared to handle the chance of any accident that will occur.

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